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Revealing the Divine Purpose of Your Life

For over 15 years now, Andrew Dee has been wowing private clients and audiences alike. Whether it be in spiritualist churches in the UK & US, community centers, theaters, the radio or as a presenter on psychic TV in the UK, Andrew uses every bit of his previous experience, his intuitive abilities as well as his connection with his spiritual guides to inspire his global clients to achieve their life’s ambitions or simply connect them to their loved ones on the higher side of life for that all important evidence of 'life after life'. As a natural born psychic, spirit medium, author, teacher and unbelievably, a retired British military officer with many years’ experience travelling the world, Andrew has amassed clients numbering the thousands but despite his breadth and depth of experience, he remains humble and true to his cause.\He has trained extensively at the Arthur Findley College in England with world-renowned tutors and now also offers his skills to his own students, mainly in the US and UK.Are you looking to truly connect with the world of spirit and be left beyond all doubt that your loved ones walk with you on a daily basis, then look no further. You will not be disappointed.

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